A record consisting largely of the world outside of Fódlan.
The author's identity is unknown, but they have clearly
experienced these places firsthand.

An archipelago nested between Fódlan and Dagda. It is a land of plenty
that is often heralded as the perfect union of the gentle sea and nature's
bounty. Both Fódlan and Dagda have long vied to claim this territory
as their own.

Sreng was once the name of an enormous peninsula to the north of
Fódlan. Today, only the northern half has kept the moniker, while the
southern half now falls under the dominion of the Holy Kingdom of
Faerghus. Several warlike clans call this great wasteland their home.
Certain areas of this region are comprised of rocky desert.

A peninsula to the north of Fódlan and the west of Sreng. The people
who once inhabited this area were decimated, and it now falls under the
dominion of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. The land boasts nothing
noteworthy to make it a desirable travel destination, but rumors of
valuable minerals waiting to be unearthed abound.

Oghma Mountains
An enormous mountain range somewhat south of central Fódlan.
To the west, it forms the border between the Empire and the Kingdom,
surrounding Garreg Mach and cutting across Empire territory. It is home
to many animals and plants that cannot be found elsewhere, as well as a
plethora of valuable mineral deposits.