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  • The resistance army successfully takes Fort Merceus. Their victory celebrations are cut short, however, when javelins of light pierce the sky and destroy much of the fort.

    With nowhere else to go, the resistance army withdraws to Garreg Mach. Under the guise of surrender, they secretly prepare for a surprise attack on the Imperial capital.



  • The resistance army, having finished preparations for their surprise attack on the Imperial capital, departs Garreg Mach.

    Along the way, they join forces with ally soldiers who had already secretly entered Empire territory. Together, they storm the streets of Enbarr, giving the Imperial army no time to counterattack.

  • 帝都的市區

BATTLE - 安巴爾潛入戰

在我方兵力較劣勢的情況下要打敗帝國, 只能靠速戰速決。這麼認為的一行人迅速前往 艾黛爾賈特的所在地——帝都安巴爾, 並潛入市區,急襲帝國軍。