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  • As cold air begins to creep in from the north of Faerghus,
    Fódlan welcomes the riches of Fall.
    The women spend their days reaping the golden fields,
    gratefully embracing the bounty the goddess has once again provided.
    The men venture into the wilds with horsebows
    and empty sacks ready to be filled with game.


Before Battle

Battle - The Gautier Inheritance

A group of thieves led by a disowned son of House Gautier has stolen a Hero's Relic and begun to run amok. Seeking to neutralize this threat, the church is sending your house there to settle the matter.

Black Beast
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Not bad for your kind...
A bunch of spoiled rotten children.
What the hell?!
Damn! Look at that... I'm outta here!
Huh? Hold on!

After Battle