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  • It is Imperial Year 1185. Half a decade has passed since Emperor Edelgard ascended the Imperial throne, yet the continent of Fódlan still remains lost in a tempest of turmoil and bloodshed.

    In the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, King Dimitri has welcomed Archbishop Rhea and her knights—who were driven out of Garreg Mach—to the Kingdom capital. As they work to build a unified front, the war with the Empire rages on to the west.

    Meanwhile, Claude, leader of the Alliance, staves off Imperial intervention by strategically stirring up conflicts between Leicester lords in an effort to feign neutrality.

    As events unfold, Edelgard and her Black Eagle Strike Force begin to take action in an attempt to break the war's current state of deadlock.

  • Revival


Before Battle

  • The newly crowned king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri, has declared fealty to the Church of Seiros and is raising an army in preparation for all-out war with the Empire.

    As leader of the Alliance, Claude maintains a facade of neutrality amidst infighting between those who support and those who oppose the Empire.

    Meanwhile, the Black Eagle Strike Force plans to capture Alliance territory before Edelgard takes the war to the Kingdom and the Church of Seiros.

    With sights set on capturing Derdriu at the center of House Riegan's territory, she leads a march across the Great Bridge of Myrddin to establish a bridgehead.

  • Disquiet

Battle - The Great Bridge Coup

The Black Eagle Strike Force has an unexpected encounter with someone thought to have died years prior. Amidst the joy, your forces prepare to invade Alliance territory.

After Battle