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  • The icy winds of the Oghma Mountains have begun to scatter,
    and the verdant fields once again spring to life across Fódlan,
    heralding the start of a new year.
    As they celebrate the dawning year,
    the people pray that they may realize their full potential,
    just as a tiny sprout hopes to one day grow into a great tree.
  • In honor of the saints whose births or deaths took place under this moon,
    the people perform music once beloved by those divine beings.
    Whether by harp, by flute, or voice alone,
    joyous melodies are shared between farmers as they sow their seeds
    across the vast plains of Tailtean and Gronder.
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    This will be your first time at the monastery.
    I'd be happy to show you around.
    It really is Fódlan in a nutshell.
    The good and the bad.
    Like it or not, we'll be there soon enough.
    There it is...
    Garreg Mach Monastery.
    Rhea's here...
    I wonder...
    Did the flow of time bring you here?
  • Return of the Former Captain
  • A Pair of Professors


Before Battle

Battle - Rivalry of the Houses

Formerly a promising young mercenary, you are now the newest professor at the prestigious Officers Academy. Students and faculty alike look on with curiosity as you engage in a mock battle between the school's three houses.

After Battle