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  • Long ago, the guardian Seiros made an appearance during this moon. She had been summoned by the goddess, whose soul was suffering as the flames of war raged across Fódlan.

    Some believe that high in the sky above Seiros, the Immaculate One's mighty wings are what powered the strong winds carrying the guardian and her forces into battle.


Before Battle

Battle - The Sealed Forest Snare

In the pursuit of justice for Jeralt, you and your students find yourselves deep in the Sealed Forest.

A Trap
This video is still missing audio-- we're working on it!
But how?
How could I really lose...
to a lowly creature like you?
Don't just stand there and stare.
I need your help!
Yes. You most certainly do.
Have no fear, Kronya.
Your sacrifice will help to rid this world
of the filthy vermin who have long infested it.
Stop this!
The time has finally come
to unleash the forbidden spell of Zaharas
upon our enemies! me...
Be gone with you...Fell Star.
This video is still missing audio-- we're working on it!
Your will and mine are now as one.
Both sides of time are revealed to you, and you alone.
You know I am the beginning. What shall you do?
So the Fell Star consumes even the darkness itself...

After Battle