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  • As the sun grows stronger and the nights grow ever shorter,
    the Blue Sea Star returns to the sky once more.
    Believed to be the goddess's home,
    her followers look to the star and commence celebrations of her rebirth.
    On the grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery,
    a grand ceremony is held in honor of this much anticipated event.
    Every true follower of the Church of Seiros
    is sure to be in attendance.


Before Battle

Battle - The Magdred Ambush

Your house must help the Knights of Seiros suppress Lord Lonato's rebellion at Castle Gaspard. Though you are told not to expect combat, the deep fog at Magdred Way sets you ill at ease...

Hero's Relic
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It's you...
Thunderstrike Cassandra!
It was your wretched zealotry that killed my son!
The only name I answer to is Catherine.
Prepare to taste the blade of one who serves the goddess.
Now you face a Knight of Seiros!

After Battle