Leonie enrolled because she wants to be a mercenary. I think she said that her father is a hunter.
 She's pretty blunt and as stingy as they come. A habitual saver, too. I think she's hoping to repay her village for helping to send her here.

Leicester Alliance






168 cm, 168 cm


8/21 (Verdant Rain Moon)

  • Saving money
  • Bow maintenance


Captain Jeralt, military arts, competition, hunting, fishing, gardening, collecting and reusing discarded objects


Defeat, decadence, debt, poisonous creatures

Path-Specific Titles

Silver Snow

Daughter of a hunter from Sauin Village

Azure Moon

Daughter of a hunter from Sauin Village

Verdant Wind

Daughter of a hunter from Sauin Village

Crimson Flower

Daughter of a hunter from Sauin Village

Personal History

Part I

Year Details
1160 Born as the daughter of a hunter in Sauin Village.
1174 Meets Jeralt and resolves to become a mercenary.
1180 Enrolls at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach.

Part II (Not Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Fights in battles across the land as an apprentice mercenary.
1185 Remembers the promise made five years ago and returns to Garreg Mach.

Part II (Crimson Flower)

Year Details
1181 Serves the Imperial army as a mercenary fighting in battles across the land.
1184 Deployed to Garreg Mach garrison.
1185 Joins with the Black Eagle Strike Force.