• Smithing Stone
    A basic smithing material. Can be used to repair broken weapons.
  • Black-Sand Steel
    A smithing material that strengthens a weapon's critical attack.
  • Wootz Steel
    A smithing material that is both light and durable.
  • Arcane Crystal
    A smithing material that glows with magical light.
  • Mythril
    A smithing material blessed with holy might.
  • Umbral Steel
    A smithing material steeped in the power of darkness.
  • Agarthium
    A smithing material refined using archaic methods.
  • Venomstone
    A highly toxic smithing material that should be handled with great care.
  • tutorial ore
    Ore used in the tutorial. Use it for trading.


  • Airmid Goby
    A small fish found throughout the waters of Fódlan. These fish can be eaten but aren't particularly tasty...
  • Caledonian Crayfish
    A hard-shelled edible crayfish that hides beneath pebbles in rapid water. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • White Trout
    A stark white fish that gleams in sunlight. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Teutates Loach
    A stately bearded fish from Lake Teutates. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Airmid Pike
    This fish is commonly found in the Airmid River. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Caledonian Gar
    This fish has very hard scales, signifying its origins on the Caledonian Plateau. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Queen Loach
    A beautiful specimen, even among Teutates loaches. Cook into a dish that boosts dexterity.
  • Ancient Gar
    A fluid fish with armored scales that has existed for millennia. Cook into a dish that boosts speed and defense.
  • Teutates Pike
    This fish is a cross between loaches and pikes spawned in Lake Teutates. Cook into a dish that boosts defense.
  • Teutates Shrimp
    A shrimp with a shell hard as rock from Lake Teutates. Cook into a dish that boosts defense and resistance.
  • Bullhead
    This fish has a hard head that is used for defending itself against predators. Cook into a dish that boosts speed.
  • Albinean Herring
    An intense swimmer who migrates over vast distances near the coast of Albinea. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Golden Fish
    Glittering gold, this fish boasts a high cost.
  • Platinum Fish
    This pricey fish shines like pure white silver.
  • Fódlandy
    Challenging to ensnare, this ancient fish has swum in the waters of Fódlan for countless generations.
  • Goddess Messenger
    Appears only when the water shines with spectral light... Cook into a dish that boosts dexterity, speed, and defense.
  • Silverfish
    A somewhat costly fish that glimmers like polished silver.
  • Carassius
    This small fish is common to all regions of Fódlan. It is somehow connected to Saint Cethleann.


  • Corn
    A crop widely grown over all of Fódlan. Often used as feed for calvary horses.
  • Apple
    A crop that grows naturally all over Fódlan, which is often used as feed for cavalry horses.
  • Sugar Cane
    Sugarcane, a treat for cavalry horses that grows throughout Fódlan.
  • Barley
    Barley grass that grows throughout Fódlan and is used to feed cavalry horses.
  • Weeds
    Common weeds. Not much to look at, and not of much use either.
  • Zanado Fruit
    A simple fruit found in Zanado that is ill tasting and inedible.
  • Dried Vegetables
    Parched vegetables that are no longer useful for cooking.
  • Ailell Grass
    This rare fiery-colored grass thrives in the harsh environs of Ailell and is sold for a high price.
  • Zanado Treasure Fruit
    A prized fruit as red as blood that grows in Zanado. Cook into a dish that boosts magic and resistance.
  • Tomato
    A rare vegetable from Dagda that requires delicate conditions to thrive. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Noa Fruit
    A fruit named after Saint Noa. It takes a skilled hand to extract the pulp. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Peach Currant
    Sweet peach currants. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Verona
    Blessed by the goddess herself, this vegetable is as tasty as it is beautiful. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Morfis Plum
    It is said that mages of old infused these plums with their spells. Cook into a dish that boosts luck.
  • Nordsalat
    A magical vegetable that grows in frigid, unyielding environments. Cook into a dish that boosts charm.
  • Boa Fruit
    Serpentine scales of this fruit protect the delectable pulp nestled within. Cook into a dish that boosts resistance.
  • Magdred Kirsch
    A shimmering fruit, warm and glowing with Magdred magics. Can be cooked into a dish.
  • Angelica
    This unearthly vegetable is purportedly grown from the blood of fallen heroes. Cook into a dish that boosts magic.
  • Albinean Berries
    Simple Albinean berries that are tart with a hint of sweetness. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Onion
    A Fódlan onion—a staple in many dishes. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Carrot
    A simple carrot grown in Fódlan that adds texture to any recipe. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Turnip
    A Fódlan turnip. Tasty and earthy. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Chickpeas
    Chickpeas harvested throughout Fódlan. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Cabbage
    Cabbage of Fódlan that is enjoyed in a number of dishes. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Starter Vegetable
    This is the very first vegetable you acquired. It appears to be a root vegetable.


  • Poultry
    Meat from birds hunted in the hills. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Rabbit
    Meat from rabbits which are easy to hunt. Used for cooking.
  • Fódlan Pheasant
    Fódlan pheasant meat. Cook into a dish that boosts luck.
  • Gronder Fox
    Meat from foxes found in Gronder Field. Cook with it to raise Charm.
  • Wild Game
    Meat from beasts hunted in the hills. Can be used when you share a meal.
  • Boar
    Occasionally caught in a hunt, this meat is a bit hard to come by. Cook with it to raise Str.
  • Grouse
    Prized grouse from the Oghma Mountains with a delicate flavor. Cook into a dish that greatly boosts HP.
  • Duscur Bear
    Meat from rare bears of Duscur with a dense flavor profile. Cook into a dish that raises a unit's max HP.
  • Oghma Wolverine
    This meat is taken from fleet-footed beasts found in the Oghma Mountains. Cook into a dish that boosts strength.
  • Albinean Moose
    Albinean moose meat—highly prized in Fódlan and rare to find. Cook into a dish that raises max HP and strength.
  • Rabbit
    A cut of rabbit meat that can be used to make a variety of cooked dishes. These are easy to hunt down in the wild.
  • Gronder Fox
    Fox meat hunted from Gronder Field that can be cooked up.
  • Fódlan Pheasant
    Meat from the pheasants that live all across Fódlan. Cook this into various dishes for a tasty meal.
  • Starter Meat
    The very first meat you acquired. It appears to be a type of pheasant.


  • Bergamot
    The bright notes of this tea stem from an infusion of citrus oils. This blend is highly favored by nobility.
  • Sweet-Apple Blend
    A tea blended with two types of apple peels. Elegant and sweet, it is popular among common folk and nobles alike.
  • Almyran Pine Needles
    This tea is comprised of oxidized pine needles from eastern Almyra, giving it a distinct, earthy tone.
  • Albinean Berry Blend
    Dried Albinean berries give this black tea its fragrance. The sweet, relaxing scent is popular among many.
  • Southern Fruit Blend
    A blend with a unique dried fruit from the south. Popular for its intoxicatingly strong, bright notes.
  • Rose Petal Blend
    Black tea laced with rose petals. A classic floral blend often enjoyed among Kingdom and Alliance nobles.
  • Mint Leaves
    An invigorating mint blend that revitalizes and refreshes all who partake.
  • Crescent-Moon Tea
    Fermented dried seeds blended with tea leaves. It has a soft and subtle flavor, akin to the gentle light of the moon.
  • Dagda Fruit Blend
    A stark, bitter fruit from Dagda makes this black tea particularly pungent. Connoisseurs enjoy its unique flavor.
  • Almond Blend
    A refined, nutty tea that is blended with leaves and thinly sliced almonds.
  • Honeyed-Fruit Blend
    A candied blend made up of dried, honeyed fruits. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this tea can't be beat.
  • Cinnamon Blend
    An aromatic bark blend referred to as the king of spices. Its unique taste appeals to similarly unique people.
  • Seiros Tea
    A black tea common to the south of Almyra, it is fairly basic in its flavors. This is its common name in Fódlan.
  • Four-Spice Blend
    A novelty tea blended with four unique spices inspired by the Four Saints. Enjoyment requires a mature palate.
  • Ginger Tea
    The sharp spiciness of ginger laces the body of this tea, unforgettable and brightening.
  • Angelica Tea
    A cleansing herbal tea blended with angelica.
  • Lavender Blend
    Tiny dried purple lavandula flowers are sprinkled into this refreshing floral tea.
  • Chamomile
    A stark white floral tea with bright notes, this blend calms the nerves and heightens concentration.
  • Hresvelg Blend
    A high-quality blend of leaves procured specially for House Hresvelg. Its refined flavor brings sheer bliss.
  • Leicester Cortania
    A specialty tea from the Alliance blended with a variety of leaves from the east. This tea is of the utmost quality.
  • Tea of the Saints
    Even commoners have tried this cost-efficient tea, which is a mixture of herbs. It's a tad bitter.