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  • Hoarfrost now graces treetops and open fields alike,
    and an icy chill blown in from the north of Faerghus blankets the land.
    All of Fódlan's creatures
    begin to settle in for a long winter.
    The setting sun
    bathes the full winter coat of every wolf in a foreboding scarlet glow.
    Hunters can now spread the word
    that the "red wolves” are back on the prowl.


Before Battle

Battle - Battle of the Eagle and Lion

The Battle of the Eagle and Lion, a traditional contest of strength between the three houses, has arrived. It will take place at Gronder Field, which lies in Imperial territory.

The Battle
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You all should know...
I am not about to go easy on you today.
As long as we can pull off the win, doesn't matter how.
Our victory must be absolute...
no matter what it may take.
It is time.
Forward! Now!
For honor!

After Battle