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  • After defeating the Kingdom army and King Dimitri on the Tailtean Plains, Imperial forces set their sights on Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital. The final battle against Rhea draws near.

  • Stolen Time


Before Battle

  • The Imperial army arrives in Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital, only to be confronted by Rhea—who has transformed into the Immaculate One. The Black Eagle Strike Force steels itself for an epic battle, hoping to soon return Fódlan to its people.

  • The Final Battle

Battle - The Fight for Fhirdiad

With Dimitri fallen on the Tailtean Plains, Rhea pulls her troops back to defend Fhirdiad, continuing a war that has spanned five long years.

A World for Humanity
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Give it back!
When humanity stands strong and people reach out for each other...
there's no need for gods.
Rhea. Your reign of tyranny is over.
The time has come.
I'm ending this once and for all!
Is it over?

After Battle

  • A rising flame was alight as the flow of time carved a new history for Fódlan.

    With the fall of Fhirdiad, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Church of Seiros both vanished into the people's memories.

    Fódlan was finally one unified nation, under the rule of Emperor Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire.

    Embracing her newfound power, Edelgard could at last set about destroying Fódlan's entrenched system of nobility and rebuild a world free from the tyranny of Crests and status.

    Yet beneath the surface, an unseen and silent struggle began to take shape. From her seat of power, Edelgard could at last wage war on those who slither in the dark.