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  • The resistance army, having received reinforcements from House Daphnel in Ailell, is finally ready to unleash its invasion on the Imperial territories.


Before Battle

  • Sights set on Enbarr, the resistance army avoids the Oghma Mountains, choosing instead to move south along the eastern route that passes through the Alliance.

    To make it safely through the territory of House Gloucester—supporters of the Empire—the army seeks help from the head of House Riegan, Claude.

    Claude vows to draw away House Gloucester's troops so that the resistance army can advance to the Airmid River—a dividing line between the Alliance and the Empire.

Battle - The Great Bridge Coup

After fending off the Empire, your forces decide it's time to advance. But first, you must capture the Great Bridge of Myrddin, a strategic crossing point over the Airmid River, which borders the Alliance and the Empire.

After Battle