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  • After seizing the Great Bridge of Myrddin, the resistance army starts making preparations to invade Imperial territory, when a surprising piece of information comes to light.


Before Battle

  • At Gronder Field, the armies of the Kingdom, Alliance, and Empire collide. The three forces engage in a fierce battle, each suffering significant losses before deciding to withdraw.

    Seeing an opportunity, the resistance army quickly plots an invasion of Imperial territory. In order to gain a foothold in the Empire, they will attempt to capture Fort Merceus.

Battle - Taking Fort Merceus

Fort Merceus, said to be impregnable, lies between you and Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Seizing the sturdy fortress will require a carefully devised strategy.

Citizens of the East
This video is still missing audio-- we're working on it!
I see your skills haven't dulled yet, kiddo.
What did you expect?
Everyone, listen up!
From now on, the Almyran forces will be fighting by our side!
We'll work as one! And we will bring down that fort together!
Javelins of Light
This video is still missing audio-- we're working on it!
It is coming...
Leave now, or all of you will die.
We have to evacuate immediately!
What just happened here?
The fort, it's...
It's just...gone.

After Battle