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  • Claude's plan to call in Almyran forces succeeds, and the Alliance army captures Fort Merceus. Before they can celebrate their victory, javelins of light rain down from the sky and destroy the fort.

    Forced to temporarily evacuate, the Alliance army regroups at Garreg Mach until it is ready to march on Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.


Before Battle

  • After making preparations at Garreg Mach, the Alliance army marches to Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.

    In response to the Alliance's movements, Emperor Edelgard orders her trusted retainer, Hubert, as well as the Death Knight, to the front lines to meet the Alliance army head-on. The two forces clash in the city streets.

  • The Streets of Enbarr

Battle - The Enbarr Infiltration

Vastly outnumbered by Imperial forces, it becomes clear that a surprise attack, followed by a short and decisive battle, is the only path to victory. With this in mind, you stealthily approach Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.

After Battle