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  • On the streets of the Imperial capital, Alliance forces crush Edelgard's army and take up the perimeter of the Imperial palace. The time has come to face Emperor Edelgard and to free Rhea from her clutches.


Before Battle

Battle - Confrontation at the Palace

After tearing through Enbarr, it's finally time to storm the Imperial palace. Your intention is to confront Edelgard, bring an end to the war, and locate Rhea, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Death of the Flame Emperor
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It looks as though...
my path...will end here.
My teacher...
claim your victory.
Strike me down. You must!
Even now...
across this land, people are killing each other.
If you do not act now,
this conflict will go on forever.
Your path...
lies across my grave.
It is time for you to find the courage to walk it.
If I must fall...
let it be by your hand.
I wanted...
to walk with you...

After Battle