The Revelation
The goddess is all things. She is heaven above and the land below.
She is eternity incarnate. She is the present, the past, and the future.
Her eyes see all. Her ears hear all. Her hands receive all.

She who was graced with the holy word of the divine goddess,
who bore witness to her magnificence, is the one called Seiros.
She is the messenger of the heavens, the bridge between the lands
above and below, and her blessings shall bring tidings of peace to all.

With the goddess's omnipotence and wisdom to guide her,
Seiros ensures that her will be done.
As the goddess's sword, Seiros wards away evil.
As the goddess's child, Seiros makes emperors of mortals.
As the goddess's wings, Seiros elevates her people.
As the goddess's voice, Seiros spreads the word of love.

That sublime sword is entrusted to you.
Those emperors are crowned before you.
Those wings clear your path.
That voice whispers words of trust.
May the blessings of the goddess follow you, always.