The Creation
In the beginning, amid the great cloudless ocean, Fódlan came to be.
At the end of a long journey, the goddess glimpsed that land and there
alighted. Upon that sacred ground, she breathed life into the world and
created all of the creatures upon it.

By the goddess's hand, plants took root, birds took to the sky,
and animals roamed the land. Last of all, she created humanity.
When the humans wished for power, she granted it. She gifted them
the blessings of the heavens and of the earth. By way of the magical arts,
humanity attained great power, yet unaware that great power portends
great evil.

By the grace of the goddess's divine protection, humanity thrived.
Through her blessings, they grew prosperous and their numbers rose.
Before long they became the most powerful creatures in all of Fódlan.
All was well until darkness descended from the north...a darkness that
devoured the earth, desecrated the heavens, and threw the world and
its inhabitants into a state of chaos.

To face this evil force, the goddess created a new well of power.
She gifted certain chosen individuals with sacred blood, allowing them
to wield mystical weapons, that they may prevail against the darkness.
These souls, buoyed by their divine gifts, conquered the evil ones and
drove them back to the north. They came to be known as Heroes.

The Heroes experienced unnaturally long lives, persisting for hundreds
of years. Even after they breathed their last, the power coursing through
their blood remained, leaving an indelible mark upon this world.
This power, passed through bloodlines, came to be known as the Crests.
The mystical weapons they once wielded are now called Heroes' Relics.
And so the legend of a new age was born.

The descendants of the Heroes sought their ancestor's power, and thusly
their blood. In time, they amassed Crests, Relics, land, and wealth,
using all to set the land aflame with war. The goddess's power, intended
to stem the flow of evil, became a tool of destruction, all because of the
greed of humanity. The goddess grieved and, heartbroken, hid herself
in the heavens from whence she came...