Under the tyranny of ruthless disorder, the people endured a long period
of suffering. The vile Nemesis, who proclaimed himself the King of
Liberation, delighted in war and bloodshed. Rather than rebelling against
his persecution, the people of Fódlan fell to his depths in a mad scramble
to attain power through murder and theft.

- 41 Years Before the Founding of the Adrestian Empire -
Saint Seiros appeared in the land of Enbarr and, through the many
unfathomable miracles she performed, spread light across the land.
In doing so, she joined the shattered hearts of the purest people
of Fódlan, who went on to form the Holy Church of Seiros.

- Imperial Year 1: The Founding of the Adrestian Empire -
In the first year of our calendar, the glorious Adrestian Empire was
founded. Its name was gifted by an oracle, and its future blessed by
the goddess. Its capital, Enbarr, was chosen to govern the southern
reaches of Fódlan, where the divine Saint Seiros also lent her power.

- Imperial Year 32: The War of Heroes -
Wilhelm Paul Hresvelg, the inaugural Adrestian Emperor, raised an
army in pursuit of the unification of Fódlan. With his might, he hunted
and destroyed any house's territory that dared to seek more power.

- Imperial Year 46: The Battle of Gronder -
An intense battle erupted on Gronder Field, where the houses that
were allied with Nemesis and the Imperial forces of the Adrestian Empire
clashed. There, the Imperial forces emerged victorious.

- Imperial Year 91: The Battle of Tailtean -
The houses that were allied with Nemesis once again faced off against the
Imperial forces, this time at Tailtean Plains. There, the evil Nemesis
finally fell and the Empire secured a momentous victory.

- Imperial Year 98: The War of Heroes Ends -
The successor to Great Emperor Wilhelm I, Lycaon I, succumbed to
sudden illness. The Empire, which ruled over the majority of Fódlan,
took this opportunity to put an end to the seemingly endless fighting.