- Imperial Year 721: The First Mach War -
The Dagdan army invaded from across the sea. Though the Imperial
forces resisted the attack and drove off the enemy, the land of Mach
sustained considerable damage.

- Imperial Year 728: The Invasion of Brigid -
The Empire invaded the Brigid archipelago, a land occupied by allies
of Dagda. As penance for their refusal to surrender, the people of Brigid
were relegated to a life of Imperial subjugation.

- Imperial Year 731: The Invasion of Dagda -
With the boon of a strong foothold in Brigid, the Empire mounted a
large-scale invasion of Dagda. However, the fortunes of war were not
on their side, and their attack failed.

- Imperial Year 747: The Faerghus Rebellion -
Loog, a descendant of one of the houses that first quarreled with
the Empire, raised an army to demand independence, pulling the
land of Faerghus into a fierce rebellion. This clash came to be
known as the War of the Eagle and Lion.

- Imperial Year 751: The Founding of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus -
Loog and his resistance army were victorious over the Imperial forces.
The Holy Church of Seiros mediated between the two, and Faerghus
secured its hard-won independence as the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

- Imperial Year 801: The Leicester Rebellion -
A rebellion broke out in the Imperial lands of Leicester, which the
Imperial army was unable to suppress. The Holy Kingdom, viewing the
uprising as an opportunity to increase its own political sway, occupied
the Leicester region, formally declaring it as a territory of Faerghus.

- Imperial Year 861: Faerghus Divided -
Following the death of King Klaus I, three princes became archdukes and
split the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, that they may rule over it as
three separate territories.

- Imperial Year 881: The Crescent Moon War -
The archduke ruling over the Leicester region of the Kingdom
succumbed to illness. The lords of the Leicester lands refused to
acknowledge the next archduke in line, instead plotting to rule
jointly as an alliance.

- Imperial Year 901: The Founding of the Leicester Alliance -
The Leicester Alliance was officially formed after the subjugation of
hostile nobles and the removal of all opposing forces in the regions
of Faerghus. An influential figure from the outset, Duke Riegan was
inarguably the heart of the newly formed Alliance.

- Imperial Year 961: The Almyran Invasion -
The great eastern nation of Almyra crossed through Fódlan's Throat and
invaded Alliance territory. The Empire dispatched troops in order to
help conquer this threat, and the attackers were just barely driven off.

- Imperial Year 1101: The Construction of Fódlan's Locket -
To defend against future Almyran invasions, the Alliance, the Kingdom,
and the Empire joined their efforts and resources to construct the
indomitable fort known as Fódlan's Locket.