A register of prominent noble houses of the Adrestian Empire.
This document is expressly for official use by the Church of Seiros.
Students are forbidden to remove or peruse this documentation.
1179 edition.

House Gerth
A house of dukes that has inherited rule over the Empire's Ministry of
the Exterior. Diplomacy, foreign relations, and relations between various
provinces and the capital fall under its purview. It worked hard to secure
the ceasefires that ended both the Brigid and Dagda campaigns. Though
complicit in the Insurrection, it remains distant from associated houses.

House Arundel
Formerly a minor noble house of the Empire. As head of the house,
when Volkhard's younger sister became betrothed to Emperor Ionius IX,
Volkhard was granted the title of Lord Arundel. Having worked closely
with House Aegir, House Arundel is seen as one of the chief instigators
of the Insurrection of the Seven.

House Hrym
A house of Imperial viscounts. Resisting Emperor Ionius IX's policy
of power centralization, it set out to join the Alliance and secure
independence from the Empire, but was unable to overcome the
Imperial army's intervention. In the aftermath, the house's main genetic
line was wiped out. Its current head of house is an adoptee.

House Nuvelle
A house of Imperial viscounts with territory on the western coast of the
Empire, centered around its namesake harbor city of Nuvelle. The house
flourished thanks to commerce with Dagda, Albinea, Brigid, and other
territories. Even still, it fell to ruin in 1175 after permitting the combined
invading forces of the Dagda and Brigid armies to make landfall.

House Ochs
A house of Imperial barons. Its territory occupies the northern half of the
western peninsula known as Fódlan's Fangs. The head of the house was
lost to the Dagda and Brigid War.

House Bartels
A house of Imperial barons. Highly ambitious, it sought out and acquired
several Crests for its bloodline. In 1176, many members, including the
head of the house, died under unexplained circumstances. The deed was
attributed to the heir, Emile. As his whereabouts are unknown,
leadership of the house fell to a distant relative.