A register of prominent noble houses of the Adrestian Empire.
This document is expressly for official use by the Church of Seiros.
Students are forbidden to remove or peruse this documentation.
1179 edition.

House Hresvelg
The most distinguished noble house of the Empire, tracing its roots all
the way back to Great Emperor Wilhelm. It has been the governing
house of the Empire for 1,100 years. In addition to the first emperor,
its lineage is also traced back to Saint Seiros herself, which is why
generations of emperors are believed to bear the Crest of Seiros.

House Hresvelg resides in Enbarr, the Imperial Capital, claiming all of
the surrounding territory as its domain. It boasted supreme authority
both within the Empire and without until the Insurrection of the Seven
in 1171, in which much of its power was stripped away by the nobility.
In recent years, a series of misfortunes has plagued this storied house,
and some believe dark clouds hover over the future of the Hresvelg reign.

House Aegir
A house of dukes possessing great power within the Empire, second only
to House Hresvelg. The head of the house came to occupy the post of
prime minister, rendering the title a hereditary one thereafter.
House Aegir led the Insurrection of the Seven and, in many ways,
holds the true power governing the Empire.

House Vestra
A house of marquises without a domain, existing in the shadow of House
Hresvelg. In addition to managing the darker tasks of the Empire, it is
responsible for the emperor's periphery affairs, including coordinating
things such as ceremonies and rituals, Imperial consorts, and the Imperial
Guard. House Vestra was allied with House Aegir in the Insurrection.

House Hevring
A house of counts that has inherited rule over the Empire's domestic
affairs, particularly those relating to administration, finance, and the
judiciary. It frequently clashes with the Minister of Military Affairs
over these matters. Much of its territory lies in the Oghma Mountains,
and as such, it enjoys the fruits of a lucrative mining industry.

House Bergliez
A house of counts that has inherited rule over the Empire's Ministry of
Military Affairs. It commands all of the armies that do not directly belong
to the emperor. During times of war, the head of the house becomes the
Imperial army's commander-in-chief. Their territory encompasses most
of the Empire's main breadbasket, Gronder Field.

House Varley
A house of counts that has inherited rule over the Empire's Ministry of
Religion, whose main responsibility is to maintain amiable relations with
the Church of Seiros. However, due to the estrangement of the church
from the Empire in recent years, it is now more involved with the
judiciary, causing political strife within the Ministry of the Interior.