I, a priest of______the findings of my investigation___ When a Crest
Stone was removed while its Relic was being wielded by a______all
movement within the Relic ceased. When the stone was returned,
the Relic once again___ It is beyond question that Crest Stones supply
their associated Relic with power of some kind. And the impetus of said
power is clearly related to the Crests that certain humans possess...

...Based on the composition of___it can be surmised that______likely
a massive creature akin to a wyvern. However___strength is beyond
compare to that of wyvern bones. They are more durable than all
materials other than crucible steel, making them ideal for crafting
weaponry, and absolutley______inhabiting___difficult to conceive, but
one theory___ Is it possible that______the goddess’s___have potentially...

...Heroes’ Relics have been found that are not linked to the 10 Elites.
______the 10 Elites______ Could it be that others were gifted this power
by the goddess as well? Perhaps the disturbing___that the Relics were not
gifts from the goddess___ Additionally______the same Crest Stones_____
Many of my hypotheses______I am desperate to find the truth of it all.

The time has come. I must discard______I daresay the goddess would not
wish for me to learn more than I already have.

(The pages are old and worn, so most of the text is illegible.)