___/15 - Ailell Forest
It has been several months since King Nemesis was defeated, and the
tides of war have turned from bad to worse. I have received news that my
friend Daphnel has fallen as well. Those zealots are after our heads,
and those of our leaders. All that is left for us is to disappear into the
muddy waters Seiros has created. My long life may soon come to an end...

___/2 - Itha Plains
I somehow escaped with my life, but I fear the end is near. Most of my
clan has already surrendered to the Empire. To my surprise, I am told
their safety was guaranteed. I, however, am a different matter. My life,
along with my sacred weapon, will unquestionably be forfeit. My dear
son and daughter... I hope you can forgive me one day.

___/5 ___
Why does Seiros despise us so? What did King Nemesis do to incur such
unyielding wrath? Perhaps it was a mistake to accept his offer. In any
case, that is all in the distant past now...
______and before this body falls to ash, the evil...

(The paper is so tattered the rest is illegible.)