The Seventh Song
...banquet celebrating the marriage of the young Emperor Lycaon III
continued until the full moon waned to a half moon. The wait staff
scurried about the castle refilling golden glasses. All present savored the
taste of the fine bacchus from Boramas, as well as the screams of the
northern swordsmen as they were torn apart by wild beasts during the...

...the countless dishes on the banquet tables were each overflowing with
spectacular offerings. Treats themed after the Four Saints graced massive
platters, just waiting for our greedy fingers to snatch them up. In honor
of Saint Cichol, guardian of the land, prime Gronder wheat was used to
bake endless loaves of delectable bread. In honor of Saint Cethleann,
savory fish was presented, a dish she is believed to have loved...

...when the clown dressed as Saint Seiros decapitated the criminal
dressed as Nemesis with a single swing, the spectators cheered with
unbridled enthusiasm. A young man, staring at Emperor Wilhelm as he
caught the saint and pulled her into a close embrace, suddenly beckoned
me. He pressed his lips to my ear and whispered sweet nothings,
mirroring Emperor Wilhelm and Saint Seiros upon the stage...

(The date of removal and Seteth's signature follow.
It appears to be a novel set in the Adrestian Empire.
It has sustained great damage, so nothing else is legible.)