A record consisting largely of the world outside of Fódlan.
The author's identity is unknown, but they have clearly
experienced these places firsthand.

A great kingdom to the east of Fódlan. Its territory borders that of the
Leicester Alliance, with the precipitous mountain range known as
Fódlan's Throat acting as the dividing line. Its people maintain a strong
legacy of horsemanship and relish in the thrill of battle. This vast
kingdom is rich in fertile prairies, deserts, and mountain ranges.

A continent to the northwest of Fódlan. Its frigid climate is home to
numerous rare and valuable species of flora and fauna. However,
the human population there is extremely small due to the intense cold
and the frozen earth, which is unsuitable for growing grains or other
food crops.

Morfis is the name of a metropolis of magic to the southeast of Fódlan,
as well as the boundless desert that surrounds it. In the distant past, it was
called the City of Illusion. Thanks to an intricate web of trading routes,
rumors of its profound and mysterious magic continue to spread.

A continent to the southwest of Fódlan. Due to its extreme distance from
Fódlan, rumors of this relatively unknown world abound. Some claim
it's a tropical rain forest, while others insist it's merely a giant, frozen
plateau. In truth, this vast continent stretches far into the north and south
and supports a wide variety of terrain and climates.