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  • With the capture of Arianrhod complete, the Imperial army moves to invade the Kingdom capital. They plot to send troops toward now vulnerable House Fraldarius territory and plan to attack Fhirdiad from two sides.



  • With Arianrhod behind them, the Black Eagle Strike Force marches north to Fhirdiad. They plan for the Imperial army stationed in former Alliance territory to take over Fraldarius land so they are able to attack Fhirdiad from two directions.

    King Dimitri anticipates the Imperial army's strategy, leading the Kingdom army and Rhea's Knights of Seiros out of Fhirdiad and prepares to intercept the Imperial army at the Tailtean Plains.

  • 復讐の野

BATTLE - タルティーン平原の戦い

ついに全面対決の準備が整った。フォドラ統 一に邁進する黒鷲遊撃軍は、フェルディアに 向け進発。対する王国軍と教団は、因縁の地 タルティーン平原を戦場に選ぶ。