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  • With the capture of Arianrhod complete, the Imperial army moves to invade the Kingdom capital. They plot to send troops toward now vulnerable House Fraldarius territory and plan to attack Fhirdiad from two sides.


Before Battle

  • With Arianrhod behind them, the Black Eagle Strike Force marches north to Fhirdiad. They plan for the Imperial army stationed in former Alliance territory to take over Fraldarius land so they are able to attack Fhirdiad from two directions.

    King Dimitri anticipates the Imperial army's strategy, leading the Kingdom army and Rhea's Knights of Seiros out of Fhirdiad and prepares to intercept the Imperial army at the Tailtean Plains.

  • Field of Revenge

Battle - Combat at Tailtean Plains

The Black Eagle Strike Force, in its continued pursuit of Fódlan's unification, marches on Fhirdiad. Kingdom and church forces prepare to meet you at Tailtean Plains, a place laden with history.

After Battle