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  • The Kingdom army has captured Fort Merceus. Managing troops from the now-stable western Kingdom and former Alliance territory, the Kingdom army returns to Garreg Mach to regroup and reorganize its forces.

    With sufficient might to challenge the Empire, the Kingdom army finalizes their plans to march on Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.


Before Battle

  • The Kingdom army, having gathered new troops and significant strength, commences its march towards the Imperial capital of Enbarr.

    In response to their movements, Emperor Edelgard orders her trusted retainer, Hubert, to the front lines to meet the Kingdom army head-on. The two forces clash in the city streets.

Battle - Assault on Enbarr

With Fort Merceus conquered, it's time to approach Enbarr, the Imperial Capital. Imperial forces stand ready in the city streets, intending to resist to the bitter end.

After Battle