(This book's title does not match its contents, suggesting a false cover.
It seems to be a catalog of some kind.)

• Distance Viewer (Based on Glasses)
By combining glasses lenses, one can view great distances with enhanced
clarity. Crafting such a tool was forbidden by decree of the archbishop
for the following reasons: 1. The ease of locating enemy camps would
escalate wartime violence. 2. It would be too easy to snipe from afar.
3. It would lessen the mystery of the goddess, who watches from above.

• Flammable Black Water
A sticky black liquid was discovered in northern Faerghus. It burns
fiercely and emits a highly toxic gas. The use of this wicked substance
was forbidden by decree of the archbishop for the following reasons:
1. Misuse could result in accidental death. 2. It could be used tactically
by those lacking magical ability. 3. Competition for it could cause strife.

• Metal-Mold Printing Machine
Though initially lauded as a practical replacement for woodblock
printing, after careful consideration, the archbishop deemed it taboo
for many reasons, particularly the following: 1. Risk of mass circulation
of misinformation and malevolent rumors. 2. It is useless to illiterate
commoners. 3. Risk of intensifying disparity between church branches.

• Human Autopsies (Especially Involving Head or Chest Incisions)
Though it is widely believed that this is medically relevant, such actions
upon a corpse are considered desecration of the dead. Since white magic
can be used to a similar end, autopsies were deemed taboo. A notable
cardinal asserted that if medical science were to excel over faith-based
white magic, it would destabilize the foundation of the church.