(Burned papers that resemble a report of some sort.
A few passages survived the fire and are still legible.)

Item 18, Part 5
...the Faerghus Rebellion. I harbor doubts about the army Loog has
raised. How did he recruit soldiers without raising suspicions in the
Empire? How did he acquire those mysterious weapons, so like Heroes'
Relics? What is the true identity of Pan, the tactician rumored to have
been integral to Loog's victories? And Those Who Slither in the Dark...

Item 22, Part 2
The shadowed order of the Knights of Seiros believes that King Klaus I
of Faerghus was assassinated... Everyone believes that his will, which
demands the territory be divided among the three princes and fails to
name a successor, is a fake. The purpose was likely to involve the
Leicester region and display a greater military force than the Empire...

Item 49, Part 18
...the Tragedy of Duscur, after which more members of the Western
Church are strongly criticizing the Central Church. Among them are
those who claim the incident in Duscur was the work of the shadowed
order of the Knights of Seiros. It seems a confrontation over the dogma's
legitimacy is inevitable. Soon, the child of House Gaspard...

Item 51, Part 6
...son of the Alliance's leader, Duke Oswald Riegan, has died in an
accident. This follows an incident involving the previous successor,
and even the Knights of Seiros suspect it was at Count Gloucester's
command, though it seems too conspicuous. There is some concern that
this could spark a war. With Duke Riegan gravely ill, the situation is...