My Beloved...

You were right. It seems he would not hesitate to divide the house.
What's more, I hear he's considering taking his half of the territory
and joining the Kingdom.

I can't believe he would even consider dragging another region into this,
not to mention stirring up trouble over his inheritance, at a time when
the Alliance desperately needs to unite. He's clearly out of his mind.
Though he bears a Major Crest and you a Minor Crest, your father was
wise in his attempt to declare you his heir.

As it were, I can't help but wonder what your intentions with me are.
I am drowning in letters proposing marriage to that...beast. He may
share your face, but the resemblance ends there. I refuse to marry such
a foul creature. If you don't come to me soon, I am going to you. Don't
forget that my father's blessing could be revoked at any moment...

I will depart Derdriu at the end of the Lone Moon. You had better be
prepared for my arrival. I wish to marry you beneath the Garland Moon.
Why? Well, I am a woman, after all, and even I harbor dreams of being a
Garland Bride. Understood? Great. Make it so.
-Claudia, Second Daughter of House Riegan