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  • The ambitions of those who slither in the dark are forever shattered with Shambhala's destruction. But in the process, Rhea is grievously injured. What fate awaits her, and who will bear the weight of Fódlan on their shoulders?



  • 失控
  • Though showing brief signs of recovery, even Rhea's strength has its limits.

    Having changed form to the Immaculate One, she is unable to control her power. As if in response, priests and knights who are directly related to Rhea by blood change into White Beasts themselves.

    Facing this unexpected threat, the resistance army prepares for its final battle to save Fódlan.


香巴拉瓦解,橫跨五年的戰亂結束了。 終於迎來了太平盛世。瀕死的蕾雅傳喚了 能繼承自己的人——新生軍的領導者。 然後……

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인간이 스스로 일어서고, 서로 의지하는 이 세계에,
신이 있을 곳은 없어
레아…… 당신의 역할은 끝났어
그러니까 지금은……
이 싸움의 막을 내리겠어!


  • A rising flame was alight as the flow of time carved a new history for Fódlan.

    Rhea's wild rampage was put to an end, averting what could have been the greatest crisis in the history of Fódlan. After five and a half years of war, a new age was set to begin.

    The Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance—all political structures that had once shaped the continent—were gone. A unified nation began to take shape under the watchful eye of the Church of Seiros.

    The church's new leader became a champion of the people, working tirelessly to help them overcome the horrors of war and to carve out a path towards reconstruction.

    Just as Saint Seiros tended to those who suffered in wars of the past, Fódlan's new ruler embraced their role as mother of all life and arbiter of every soul.